About IslanderMC SMP

Are you looking for a different SMP experience?
Do you find that other SMP servers are too easy?

We offer an enhanced and next-level SMP experience.
As the name suggests, all players are Islanders. The map consists of thousands of islands which are all different biomes(biomes generate randomly). At night, every island is packed with mobs, so don't head out at night unless you're prepared!

We have multiple survival experience enhancing features:

Landclaiming - claim your land to protect it from griefers
Jobs - start doing work to earn some money
Alcohol brewing - a fun way to use your resources
Locks - lock you chests, doors, furnaces
Bank - deposit your money and let time grow it
Custom enchanting - add custom enchantments to your armor and weapons
Quests - do quests and get different awards
Custom mobs - custom mobs and bosses that will make your life hard
XPBoost - Get a XP boost for a certain time
Auctions - put your items on auction to make more money

Version 1.12.2
Come join and see for yourself!
IP: play.islandermc.eu